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What is the quickest way to get over her?

Jesse Martin

April 16, 2017

The quickest way to avoid more pain than you’re already feeling is to make sure you don’t see your ex-girlfriend anymore and aren’t reminded of her anymore.

This is incredibly simple advice, but can be very hard to follow. If you do, you will feel the benefits.

So much for avoiding more pain — what about recovery? What is the fastest way to get over this?

Pause for a second.

If this question occupies your mind, let’s see where it’s coming from first.

Ask yourself this: Am I fully accepting of my current situation?

Because there is something about your current situation that is making you ask how to leave it behind as quickly as possible.

If the answer is yes, great! You have nowhere else to get to and have no reason to concern yourself with doing so quicker.

If the answer is no — dig deeper. What are you not fully accepting of?

Observe whatever thought or feeling surfaces. Do not judge — just observe. (Hard, I know. Perhaps even overwhelming)

That is your next step.

That is what’s making you ask how you can get over your ex quickly in the first place.

The act of observing without judgment will allow whatever it is you’re not accepting to lose its energy until you do become accepting of it.

This may lead you down a long winding path of self-discovery, but it’s the only type of recovery that will truly make a difference in your life.

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