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Book: The power of now

Jesse Martin

December 07, 2012

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, is a life-changing book. At least is has been for me.

Tolle's philosophy is simple, but ever so profound. He states that most humans live trapped in an illusion of time. We live through the past or we live towards the future, both of which are illusions. The only thing that is real, and the only thing that we will ever experience is the timeless dimension of Now.

We have associated ourselves with our minds and we derive our sense of self from its thoughts. Consequently we live in a fake world held up by the figments of our imagination. Only by becoming aware of the act of thinking itself, can we transcend what we previously labelled as ourselves. Through this awareness we are connected with everything that is, and we become conscious where we previously were unconscious. It is this blissful state, free of suffering and drama that Tolle equates to enlightenment.

By becoming aware of our body and our thinking selves, we have a portal into the Now. Living in the Now makes all problems, drama and suffering dissolve for they are intrinsically related to time. By harnessing the power of Now and becoming aware of our thinking selves and its emotions, we are able to set ourselves free from them.

Tolle cites the different religious and spiritual leaders in human history and shows the similarities in their lessons and the message underlying their teachings. He holds that all religions, at their core, strive to teach the same lessons, but are clouded by hundreds of years of misinformation.

I can highly recommend this book for anyone at any stage in their lives.

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