The Breakup Bible

The Breakup Bible

The Breakup Bible by Rachel A. Sussman is a refreshing, effective and holistic guide to getting over a breakup. Although written specifically for women, a lot of the advice is just as valuable to men. Sussman draws from her experience as a licensed psychotherapist and lecturer specializing in relationship counseling.

Sussman’s approach is three-fold, focusing on healing, understanding and the transformation. She skillfully ties her experience as a licensed psychotherapist into this work by including detailed strategies for engaging your ex and understanding your personal Love Map.

Overall one of the best breakup guides I have read.

Check it out on Amazon or check out Rachel’s personal website.

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  1. my wife suffers from bipolar, we were married for 40 years. she was 17 when we married. She was abused as a child by her mothers boyfriend. She found it hard to keep friends. I worked all my life but had to give up work and friends to become my wifes carer two years ago. I done every thing for her including cleaning, washing and shopping. We had two holidays a year to Spain. She has mobile problems to. I loved her so much and would have given my life up for her. I would find her groups to go to as she kept falling out with everyone. Then one day she meet this male at group and after seeing him at group six times started sleeping with him. She left me to get a bedsit. That was three months ago. My wife is 57 years old, the chap is 72 and married. There relationship is now over as he would not leave his wife. She says she still love him and sends his wife tex telling her about affair. Our last year of our marrage became hard due to bipolar, sleeping with light on,radio on, spending all the time and so on. She has now since leaving got into debt. I still love her. She don’t speak to two of our children since split. We have 4 growen up children.

    • So sorry to hear that Rob. That must be very difficult to deal with. I understand that you still love her, you can’t turn those feelings off can you. Sadly, when someone continuously hurts you, it can be the right thing to do to exclude them from your life.

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