What are other people saying?

Nothing speaks for Rapid Breakup Recovery better than success stories from our very own students.


Hey Jesse,

I wanna thank you soo much, You have been a great help in my recovery. Although i’m not there yet completely i know i’ll get there with your help.



I just can’t express enough how thankful I’m for this articles and advices. You feel like is the end of your life, and It’s the beginning of a new chapter in it. Thank you very much Jesse, I don’t feel lonely in the world because of your articles. Now I know that anywhere in the world us, guys, share similar feelings when it’s over. Hugs for everyone, from South America.

~E. from Ecuador


These are the first articles I have ever seen which back up my own life experience and observations of others close to me over long periods of time. Great work!

~Joe from California


Okay, I’m a girl, but I’m definitely benefiting from your advice. you’re the first person I’ve seen to actually offer some logical suggestions. I’m sick of all the magazines telling me to “get a new outfit” or “paint your nails”. I loved this guy for two years! Changing my clothes won’t solve anything…

i guess I’m just waiting for the pain to go away.its a little scary sometimes,.because you feel like you can never be happy again. but your articles have helped me realize I’ll be okay. it’s normal to be broken anddepressed, but I won’t be like this forever.