Meditation for Breakup Recovery

During a breakup you have to deal with a host of intense and taxing emotions. As a result you’re likely to experience considerable amounts of stress. Being in a state of stress negatively influences your emotions and it has been shown that stress will negatively impact your immune system. You can alleviate the increased psychological burden of stress with good nutrition, working out and meditation. Which makes meditation a great tool for breakup recovery.

Now most guys I know don’t meditate, and many of them wouldn’t even contemplate it. In fact, I used to be one of those guys. The arguments that ended up convincing me, weren’t related to spirituality. They were related to health.
You see, meditation has been shown to reduce anxiety, increase positive emotions and strengthen your immune system. Those are scientifically proven effects, which I chose not to ignore. There is an indisputable health benefit to meditation, which is why I advocate incorporating it into your breakup recovery routines.

Another benefit to meditation is that it increases your capacity for introspection. This will aid you in understanding your breakup and healing a broken heart. The sheer act of sitting quietly with your feelings without suppressing them or running away from them will prove to yourself that you are strong and that you will survive.

— Update —

I recommend everyone that reads this check out Sam Harris’ post on the topic of meditation. There are some links in there to guided meditations as well:


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  1. Ainslie says:

    This is an awesome guide, I have however also learned that like all people are unique so is meditation, the goals and principles stay the same but there is no right or wrong way of doing it…

    Loving your site, some really good information on here that has been helping me cope with my breakup!

    • JesseMartin says:

      Hey Ainslie, you’re right, meditation is very personal. I’ve gone through several phases myself as to what’s been working for me. I’ll be updating and expanding on this post soon, thanks for the inspiration and thanks for the kind words!

  2. I used meditation as my moment to get in touch with my sad feelings. It really helped so that I wouldn’t be sad at work.

  3. What’s a good book on buddhist meditation?

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