The Breakup Recovery Guide for Men

Welcome to my Breakup Recovery Guide for Men.

Over the years I’ve written about many different topics when it comes to surviving a breakup and rebuilding yourself afterwards. Below you will find an overview of my most important articles by category. I can recommend scrolling down to the comment section on each post, some have 100+ comments with guys like you sharing their story. Read through them, realize you’re not alone, and perhaps, if you feel strong enough, share your own. You can find out more about me on my about page and if my writing helps you out, have a look at my book (it’s been helping many guys like you).

My most popular posts

How your ex-girlfriend moved on so fast

My girlfriend left me for another guy (be sure to check out the comments!)

No contact rule after a breakup

Breaking the spell

Dealing with obsessive thoughts

How to stop thinking you’ll get back together

How did this happen and why do you feel this way?

What can you expect?

How long does it take to get over a breakup?

The despair phase

The protest phase

Understand what she says and does

How your ex-girlfriend moved on so fast

My girlfriend needs time and space but still loves me (Reader question)

Hurt people hurt people

Understand why you’re feeling this way

Why it hurts

Why it hurts a lot

Your different personalities

The romeo and juliet effect

Why do I still love her after she cheated on me? (Reader question)

Feelings disguised as facts

Continued hope for reconcilliation

The waves of emotions

Addicted to your ex-girlfriend

Distortion of time

Your are ill-equipped to deal with grief

This can be harder on you than on her

The fundamental attribution error

Your pain may be rooted in old wounds you don’t know about

Why no one understands you

Overcoming the emotional storm

How to deal with anger after a breakup

Use your anger

Acknowledging your feelings


How to control your emotions after a breakup

Your different personalities

When you work together and other complicating circumstances

Does she really love this new guy?

How to get over your ex-girlfriend moving on

My girlfriend left me for another guy

No contact when you work together

Rebuilding and becoming a better you

Grieving everyday losses

How a breakup builds character

Let your friends ground you in reality

Best friends & worst enemies

Dating, loving and trusting again

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Breakup recovery advice


No contact rule after a breakup

Meditation for breakup recovery

Take responsibility for your own happiness

Reaching your tipping point

The role of testosterone in breakups


How do I get over her?

Dealing with a breakup for men

How to heal a broken heart

Breakup advice for men: 7 steps to recovery

Answers to reader questions

My fiancé broke up with me

My first love left me for someone else

She used me to move on. Should I confront her?

My girlfriend needs time and space but she still loves me

I know she still loves me

I’m going no contact. Now what?

How to stop dwelling in the past?

Why do I still love her after she cheated on me?

What is the quickest way to get over her?

Book reviews

Getting past your breakup

The breakup bible

How to break your addiction to a person

A general theory of love


Why we love

The power of now


Do I miss her or the relationship? (Interview)

It’s only after you’ve lost everything that you’re free to do anything (Interview)