Breakup Coaching

Jesse MartinHi, my name is Jesse Martin and I’m a breakup coach for men.

If you’re struggling after your relationship has come to an end, I may be able to help.

You see, I have the dubious honour of having been left for another guy… twice.

That’s right. It happened to me twice.

Two different ex-girlfriends decided to dump me in favour of some other guy.

And boy did that suck. Yes, both times it sucked.

But here I am, helping guys around the world find happiness again and deal with the aftermath of a breakup.

Despite what I’ve been through, I’m not bitter about love. On the contrary, I think it’s the most beautiful human experience and you should count yourself lucky when you get to love and be loved in return.

I also haven’t become resentful of women. Absolutely not, I think they’re amazing creatures and I love being around female energy.

And I don’t feel any negativity towards any of my ex-girlfriends.

Not at all.

The truth is I don’t think about them much. But when I do, I feel thankful for the good times we had and I feel at peace with how things played out.

In both cases I can see why things came to an end – and even why they came to an end the way they did.

And that’s a pretty good place to be.

It’s this place that I’ve reached with regards to both breakups that I teach other guys how to get to.

It’s a place of

  1. Being at peace with what happened
  2. Rarely thinking about her or the relationship
  3. Being thankful for the good times
  4. Understanding what went wrong.

It wasn’t always like this. Like I said before – at the time, it sucked. Big time.

You can read more about my story here.

How can I help you?

The thing is… you probably know what to do.

No contact, accept reality, focus on yourself

The PROBLEM is you can’t GET YOURSELF to do it. You’ve lost all basic functionalities.

You need help getting yourself to take the required steps.

Good news.

By now, I’ve worked with many guys going through a wide range of scenarios.

Although everyone’s situation is unique, there are some recurring patterns that tend to pop up and there are some shared themes across the different patterns.

Some recurring themes are:

  1. Getting her back. What are your chances and how can you maximize them. (Warning: In my experience in 95% guys are beyond the point of no return.) I will give you my brutally honest expert opinion.
  2. Getting yourself to take the right steps. No contact is super hard. Often we know what we need to do but we cannot get ourselves to take the necessary steps. I will personally help you take the most difficult, necessary steps (like deleting her phone number) and I will hold you accountable.
  3. Dealing with obsessive thoughts.  It’s not uncommon to be plagued by incessant, intrusive thoughts about your breakup. Could you have done anything differently? Have you made the biggest mistake of your life?
  4. Dealing with overwhelming emotions. Fears related to her being with someone else or bumping into her. Embarrassment, guilt, anger, sadness, emptiness. These are all common emotions that may haunt us after a breakup. I can’t remove these emotions for you, but I can teach you how you can make them feel less intimidating and make them disappear quicker.
  5. Rebuilding yourself. Shattered confidence, not knowing how to be alone or where to go from here are some of the most common themes mentioned by my clients that are ready to move on but want to some extra guidance. Together we can construct a game plan for life that works for you, rebuilds your confidence to levels you never imagined and turns you into a stronger, better person than you were before.
  6. Finding love and loving again. When a relationship fails we often fall victim to beliefs such as: I will never find someone as good as her again, I will never find love again, I will die alone, I will never be able to love/trust again. More often than not, we’re overreacting, but it’s hard to snap out of this state by yourself. Together we can dismantle your faulty beliefs, give you confidence in the future and your ability to find someone that’s an awesome fit for you.

What some of my past clients say

I want to take the opportunity to personally endorse Jesse and his therapeutic coaching methodology. His coaching helped ease the devastation I was feeling and he gave me methods and techniques to survive the storm I was feeling

P. From Miami

Jesse helped me at one of the lowest points in my life. I understood what was going on, but he reaffirmed my beliefs on what my ex girlfriend was thinking. If you are struggling with a break up I would recommend speaking with Jesse. He knows what he is talking about.

D.A. from L.A.

You can email me directly at jesse [at]