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How to deal with passing / visting places connected to your ex?

How do you deal with passing or visiting places that are connected to your ex? I always get that feeling in my gut when I pass her home. I have to inadvertently drive by her place when I visit friends in a different part of town. Her place of work is also right around the corner from where I live…

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Why did she do X on social media?

A common question I get is after guys see something their ex does on Facebook or some other social media platform and they try to interpret what it means. Here's an example: I don’t have Instagram, but my friends told me that she has been posting flowers on her page. One time she posted flowers for…

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Anxiety: How to deal with it

A member of our Facebook group shares the following method for dealing with an anxiety attack: the old cliche'of step by step. For me 'one day at a time' was too much. I was just trying to survive moment to moment. When the anxiety came id put my hand on my heart and slow my breathing. On every in…

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First breakups hurt more

People that go through a breakup for the first time, or whose first deep and meaningful relationship comes to an end, often describe their situation in existential terms. They say things such as "She's the only one who understands me", "I cannot live without her" and "I will never find someone that…

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How do you change her mind?

How does one change a perception that the relationship was toxic? Background: ex thinks that due to her depression, our relationship was toxic and that she needed to let me go so that she didn't drag me down with her negativity. I want to marry this woman but she ended the relationship. When we feel…

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My girlfriend broke up with me out of nowhere

Girlfriend called it quits out of nowhere Thursday. We haven't even had fights in 4 years we were together. I love her dearly and miss her deeply. I need help stopping myself from trying to contact her. She said she wanted to be friends and I said I can't because I'd want to touch her and hold her…

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Don't take ups and downs too seriously

Don't take ups and downs too seriously Your recovery will not be a linear process. You will feel a wide range of emotions at varying intensities at different times. When you’re on an upswing, it’s easy to feel like you’re doing alright. When you’re on the subsequent downswing, you’ll feel like you…

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Get her out of your head

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