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Anxiety: How to deal with it

Jesse Martin

January 04, 2021

A member of our Facebook group shares the following method for dealing with an anxiety attack:

the old cliche'of step by step. For me 'one day at a time' was too much. I was just trying to survive moment to moment. When the anxiety came id put my hand on my heart and slow my breathing. On every in and out breath i told myself i was gonna be okay. At forst all the conflicting voices came ti the fore but i kinda found the child within. He was who i was trying to help. These wounds cut us all the way down to our foundations. Also, i gave myself permission to grieve which i did through journal writing. I.could leave all the poison on the page instead of my blood stream. Make it a daily habit if you can. Just smash a page out, dont worry if its not particularly articulate bc the point is to get it out. Order and making sense of it comes later.

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