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Breakup advice for men who are ready to recover

Staying friends after a breakup

Take-aways You can be friends with your ex, but only when you both have no romantic interest in one another anymore If you have romantic feelings you will not be able to separate them from… Read Article →

Do you miss her, or do you miss how she made you feel?

Missing our former partner may be the most defining emotion we experience after the end of a relationship. It’s absolutely natural to miss someone, especially if that person played a large… Read Article →

How the end of a business relationship taught me something about breakups

I worked with a business coach over the span of a couple of months. As of this writing we’re no longer working together and also not in touch with one another. The reason I think this story… Read Article →

Why did she start doing X on social media?

I received an email from a reader and would like to take the time to respond. I will comment inline as I think that will give us all the most insights. Subject: Please help me get my ex back… Read Article →

Always be willing to walk away

During a negotiation, one of the most powerful positions to have, is one where you have the power to walk away. If the other person needs something from you more than you need something from… Read Article →

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Get her out of your head

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