The Role of Testosterone in Breakups

Whether you’re in a relationship or not makes a big difference for your physiology and bodily chemistry.  A host of neurochemical constellations are involved in a series of complex processes that drive sets of physiological responses and behaviors. In a relationship, one of these constellations you’re likely to experience is that of attachment to your beloved. These feelings of fusion with your lover are now widely attributed to the “paternal instinct” chemical of oxytocin and the “cuddle” chemical of vasopressin.
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How To Move On From A Breakup

Moving On From A BreakupMoving on after a breakup is about closing a chapter in your life and opening a new one. It’s no small task. You need to be ready to leave the previous chapter behind you, and come to terms with how it ended.  One part of moving on is accepting that closed chapter as part of your history. The second part is embracing the unfolding story and taking responsibility for it.Continue Reading