The Break Up Guide for Men

Did you just break up? Did your girlfriend dump you for another guy? Are you wondering how long it takes to get over a breakup? Do you feel sad, angry or shocked? You’ve come to the right place. Rapid Breakup Recovery is a website dedicated to providing men with the most effective techniques and the most powerful insights on how to get over a breakup for men and avoid years of depression due to unprocessed grief and frustrations.

I’ve also written a book on how to get over a breakup for men, follow the link to check it out.

This site is packed with free articles with breakup advice. I’ve split them up into three categories: Dealing With a Breakup, Healing a Broken Heart and Moving On After a Breakup. This roughly coincides with the stages you’ll go through in your breakup: dealing with the day-to-day practical and emotional challenges, healing your broken heart and learning from your mistakes, and moving on from this experience as a wiser individual and committing yourself to continuous self-improvement.

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I also maintain list of book reviews on breakup books on which I base a lot of my advice. I’ve split these up into three categories as well, namely: breakup guides, science of love and love addiction.

I also wrote THIS GUIDE, which is a summary of the most essential concepts for getting over heartbreak and a framework for kicking some breakup ass.

Here’s on overview of what I have in store for you:

How to Get Over a Break Up: Contents

Can an Online Guide Really Help Me?

Any guide or program you find online should never be a replacement for professional help, should you need it. Having said that, I believe that certain insights and techniques that I cover in my guide, can make a real difference for you. They did for me.

Who am I? I’m Jesse Martin and 3 years ago, I was where you are now.

My ex girlfriend had dumped me out of the blue and left me for another guy.

It felt like my heart had literally broken.

I found out that getting over a break up is hard. I then went through an emotional rollercoaster where I was at the mercy of a cascade of intense and painful feelings.

At some point, enough was enough. I said to myself “I am going to figure out how to get over a breakup, how to reclaim control over my emotions, my life and my identity, no matter what it takes.”

I went out and read every book and I listened to every audio and video course on relationships, love and breakup advice out there. And you know what? Most advice on getting over a break up, was too cheesy for my taste. “Listening to new music”, “doing new things” and “rearranging my room” were not helping me move on.

So as I found out what DID work out for me, I decided to put together an expansive resource of my own. Drawing from personal experience and acquired knowledge, I put together a collection of what I think are some of the best ways to get over a break up.

How Much of This Article Do I Need to Read?

There are three parts, starting with Part I that really deals with the daily challenges you face while going through a fresh break up. In Part II, I zoom in on the healing process and I highlight some of the best ways to get over a breakup. And I conclude with Part III which is all about celebrating YOU, your identity and your masculinity.

So, depending on where you are in the stages following a break up and what your needs are, you can navigate to those areas.

Are you ready? Because you’re about to learn the most effective techniques and most powerful insights on how to get over a break up.

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