She dumped me saying she’s not over me cheating

We’ve been dating 3 years. I cheated a year ago. Thought we were past it. She dumped me a few days ago saying she’s not over it. Finally stopped being irrational and crazy emotional today but i’m just pissed that she would throw away the bond we had over one bad choice. I’m 25 and I thought maybe we would get married (and i know she wanted that too). I’m giving her space but idk how much space is too much. I keep thinking she’ll come back but then I also feel like it’s really over and I’m just so angry at myself and her. I know she still loves me but i thought our bond meant more than a mistake I made a year ago. She’s ended things for now but she still has us as a couple on Facebook. She hid her relationship status but hasn’t deleted it or me so I feel like that’s a sign of something. I just know if she comes back I really would do everything the right way because this experience has opened my eyes to how heartless I’ve been and all the things I need to improve on in my life.

Hey man,

Thanks for sharing. I don’t know of many couples that survive infidelity, if I’m honest, I think it’s unlikely that yours will.

You need to reach your tipping point so you can decide that staying in contact with her is not worth the pain anymore. Block her on every channel you can think of and go full no contact as you start putting the focus on yourself.

She’s not throwing your bond away based on 1 mistake, she’s also considering the possibility it may happen again. Forgiving is one thing, trusting again is another.

My ex-girlfriend emotionally cheated on me and I can’t get over it

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Grieving everyday losses

The authors of “The Grief Recovery Handbook” describe grief as the set of conflicting emotions that accompany a change in a familiar pattern. That’s a broad definition, and they deliberately chose a broad definition. Why? Because grief is everywhere. Our familiar patterns are broken all the time and as a result we may experience conflicting […]

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Are you living in a bubble of your own creation?

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My finacé broke up with me

Hi Jesse. A month ago my fiancé dropped the bomb on me that she’s not ready for marriage and wants to be single and independent. We’d been together for exactly two years and two months and shared the most amazing memories of my life. She was always completely loyal and I thought she was always […]

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Why do I still love her after she cheated on me?

Hi Jesse, Still feeling like shit it’s been roughly three months since this break up. Finding out she’s pregnant and then just the other week found out she’s been cheating on me with the same for about 3 months before this breakup. Every weekend she would go out with her aunt and uncle to have […]

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She used me to move on to another guy. Should I confront her?

Hi Jesse, Just wanted to say a big congratulations on the site. The advice here is pretty much exactly what I needed and relates so closely to how I’m feeling. I am 26 and my (ex) girlfriend is 24. We had been together almost 7 years before she broke up with me 5 weeks ago. […]

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Let your friends ground you in reality

When my college girlfriend left me for another guy while we were on a break, I had isolated myself somewhat from my friends. Looking back I think I sensed she didn’t mix well with my friends, so I was either with her or with my friends – never both at the same time. During the […]

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Dealing with obsessive thoughts

For many of us, our way of dealing with adversity is some form of thinking. “Oh shit, X happened. What does that mean? What should I do?” When faced with adversity we try to think our way out of our predicament. By making sense of what’s going on, we somehow hope to gain control over our […]

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Attached (Amir Levine M.D., Rachel Heller M.A.)

In Attached psychiatrist and neuroscientist Amir Levine and psychologist Rachel S.F. Heller break down our current understanding of Attachment Theory, how it shapes our relationships and provide us with practical instructions on how to make changes. Attachment Theory is the idea that we evolved with an innate system, the attachment system, that leads us to develop […]

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